Thursday, July 24, 2008

Watchmen Related-Reports from San Diego Comic Con

Here's Cinematical's report of the preview night at San Diego Comic Con:

"Archie, Nite Owl's adorable (I mean, er, badass and awesome) ship is definitely the big hit of the floor. People were literally gathered around worshipping it. "It's Archie!" I had left my camera behind, as I didn't expect to actually be touring the hall so soon, but Erik got some great photos of it. Check those out if you haven't already, and marvel at the fully functional interior. I want to climb inside and sit down so badly!

I had my first crushing disappointment -- NECA's
Watchmen t-shirts are not, in fact, free swag (as was touted online) but a pricey $30.00. Sure, they come with a lithograph, but I inevitably lose or bend those, and for $30.00 a pop, a t-shirt would have to actually be woven with the sweat of Hugh Jackman for me to buy it. Gross, I know, but there it is. The people in line may have been lying to me, so I will check back and see if they relent and start handing them out. I doubt it, though."

You can read the full report HERE

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