Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Watchmen" and other items for Patrick Wilson Fans

March 20-26: Last week for "Watchmen" in IMAX
Word has it that with "Monsters & Aliens" coming out in IMAX 3-D on March 27th, this is the last week to see "Watchmen" in IMAX in the US.

"Watchmen" was not filmed for IMAX but it is being shown in those theaters for those who like to see it in the larger format. The film will continue showing in regualr theaters.

Patrick Comments on the Sudden Passing of Natasha Richardson
At Thursday's opening night for the Broadway Revival of "West Side Story", Patrick was
asked by reporters about the death of Natasha Richardson. She and Patrick were in the cast of "Evening" (2007) and Patrick's wife Dag had worked with her on Broadway in "Closer" (1999)

Here's a quote from OKmagazine:

"Patrick Wilson, a Broadway vet who starred on screen with Natasha in 2007's Evening talked to OK! about his feelings of grief.

"It's an unexplainable, tragic, senseless loss. It's just a time for her family to reflect and our prayers go out to her whole family," he shared."

And a video clip of the red carpet arrivals, Patrick and Dag are at the end of the clip:

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