Saturday, April 4, 2009

"The Baster", "Wife Insurance", and "Watchmen"

"The Baster"
A couple of nice shots of Patrick on the set of his new movie "The Baster" have been posted HERE. The film's cast includes Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and Jeff Goldblum. It is being filmed in New York right now and will be released in 2010. We also have added it to Patrick's Wikipedia page HERE.

"Wife Insurance"
Patrick's appearance on "American Dad" will air again in April. The episode, "Wife Insurance" will be shown on the CARTOON network at 11pm on Saturday April 11, 2009.

The Director's cut of "Watchmen" is scheduled not only for DVD release but may actually be shown in select cities in July 2009. Read more HERE

And, welcome to all of the Patrick Wilson fans who have been following along with us via the blogger, the Patrick Wilson Fans Site & Messageboard, Wikipedia, Twitter, and the Facebook Fan Page. It is great to have so many people following the career of this amazing actor!

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