Friday, July 10, 2009

Broadway Theatre Project, "Watchmen", etc

2009 Broadway Theatre Project
Patrick will, once again, be an instructor at the Broadway Theatre Project in Tampa. He is scheduled for Monday, July 13th. More HERE.

"Watchmen" Director's Cut Limited Theater Release
Don't forget it's NEXT weekend in LA, NYC, Minneapolis and Dallas:


"LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The director's cut of "Watchmen," featuring an additional 25 minutes of footage and the death of a supporting character, will receive a limited theatrical rollout during the weekend ahead of its July 21 home-video release.

The superhero saga, which was considered to be a bit of a box office disappointment during its first go-round in March, will screen in Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis and Dallas.

The rollout will culminate with a special screening July 25 at the Comic-Con International confab in San Diego, taking advantage of a Blu-ray Disc feature that will allow any viewer in North America to watch the movie at the same time as the audience at Comic-Con, see and hear director Zack Snyder comment on the movie, and even ask questions. The screening will then be archived and will be able to be accessed for future viewings." WOW!!!

"Watchmen" Director's Cut DVD/Blu Ray disc sets
The US Release date for the "Watchmen" DVD/Blu-Ray discs is this coming Tue July 21.

And here's more on the Ultimate Set which will be released in December 2009: HERE

And, early Happy Birthday to Patrick's wife, Dagmara Dominczyk Wilson!!! (July 17th)

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