Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Facebook Fan Page","Morning Glory", Baby Watch 2009, "Watchmen", etc.

Time to update our Patrick Wilson Fans Blog again!

Patrick Wilson Facebook Fan Page
Our Patrick Wilson Facebook Fan Page has had a glitch lately. It turns up on the Search results under "Pages" but the page itself sometimes appears to be missing.

Keep trying back. It may take several attempts but it does show up eventually. We've reported the problem to the powers-that-be at Facebook.

With over 3100 fans registered, it's a busy place and we know that it is frustrating to be unable to access it.

"Morning Glory"
This film, starring Patrick Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum has been shooting in NYC for the past couple of months. It is set to wrap next week!
Tentative release date is July 30, 2010!

Baby Watch 2009
We are eagerly waiting for news about the newest addition to Patrick and Dag's family. Kal will be a wonderful big brother. And, we can't wait to hear what they name him/her!

"Watchmen" DVD/Blu-Ray
Read about how successful the release was:

And, here, Zack Snyder discusses the "Director's Cut" version:

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