Friday, September 25, 2009

"The A-Team", "Angels in America", "Watchmen" and more!

"The A-Team" Movie
Patrick has joined the cast of the movie based on the 1980's television show "The A-Team". He will play a CIA operative. Movie sites are speculating as to whether he will be a "bad guy" pursuing the team. The film in shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia with an anticpated release in June 2010. Read more HERE

"Angels in America"
HBO will re-air it's award-winning mini-series "Angels in America" in October. It was first show in 2003. It was Patrick real break into film. Director Mike Nichols remembered him from "The Full Monty" and cast him as Joe Pitt, a married Mormon. Republican, Closeted-Gay Lawyer. The entire cast is stellar and includes Al Pacino, Meryl Streep (in 4 different roles--including Patrick's mother), Emma Thompson (in 3 different roles), Mary-Louise Parker (who plays Patrick's valium-addicted wife), Justin Kirk, Jeffrey Wright, and Ben Shenkman.

Here's a link to the schedule: HBO

There are six chapters and each one will air on a separate night in early October. Then they will show the chapters together on Oct 21 & 22. That is "Millenium Approaches" (Chap 1-3) on Oct 21 and then "Perestroika" (Chap 4-6) on Oct 22.

Caution: It contains VERY adult themes and interactions.

Watchmen-Ultimate Disc Set
The Ultimate Disc Set for "Watchmen" will be released on November 3, 2009.

This article over at has details about the contents of the multiple disc-set plus photos of the cover art.

"The Full Monty" (Broadway 2001)
Have you ever heard Patrick tell about the night the light cues mixed up during "The Full Monty"? Check out this to a video where he tells a class at the 2006 Broadway Theatre Project all about it.

"Barefoot in the Park" (Broadway 2006)
Did you get to see Patrick in the 2006 Broadway Revival of "Barefoot in the Park"? He was hilarious in it. The cast included Amanda Peet, Jill Clayburgh and Tony Roberst. Check out this promo video from

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