Monday, December 21, 2009

Still time to vote in the Hollywood Spy Poll!!!

Just for fun...

Vote! Vote! Vote!

More votes are needed in the Hollywood Spy Poll to have Patrick Wilson named as the most under-rated actor in Hollywood.

His competitors are: Eric Bana, Paul Bettany, and Karl Urban.

Patrick is leading by only a few votes there still 22 hours left! Let's make him a winner!!! They will do a nice write-up on him and more folks will learn about what a talented guy he is.

(Poll is on the righthand side of the page.)

1 comment:

DEZMOND said...

I'm totally amazed that you have organized a marketing-campaign promoting Patrick for the winner in my HOLLYWOOD SPY :)) You really are true fans of that amazing guy. I hope you liked the text I wrote about him announcing his victory :)