Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunscreen Film Festival, Website Update, and MOVIES!

It's a been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Patrick Wilson Fans. Let's see if we can catch up on everything:

2010 Sunscreen Film Festival (St. Petersburg, FL)
The 2010 Sunscreen Film Festival opens next Wednesday, April 14th and runs through Sunday, April 18th.

BIG NEWS for Patrick Wilson fans is that he will be there on Saturday, April 17th to teach an actors workshop, participate in a panel discussion and, then host a screening of "Barry Munday" (followed by a Q&A session).

Later on that night, Patrick, his "Barry Munday" co-star Billy Dee Williams, and actor John Travolta will be part of a big bash. A VIP ticket gets you into all events or you can buy a movie ticket for the "Barry Munday" screening itself.

Here's the website with all the details: Sunscreen Film Festival
And, you can go here for discount VIP Tickets: Creative Loafing

Two reps from our Fan Site will be going to the Festival and are taking along questions to ask Patrick.

If you would like to suggest a question or two about his films (past and present), you can post them on the
Patrick Wilson Facebook Fan Page
OR e-mail
them to us: patrickwilsonfans@gmail.com (note: "fans" is plural)

"Barry Munday" will also screen at the Newport Beach (CA) Film Festival on Friday April 23rd.

Patrick Wilson Fans-The NEW Unofficial Fan Site
We've been transformed from a Google "Page" to a Google "Site". We're tweaking pages right now and still have more to do. This new layout is a temporary until we can transfer things into the proper/updated pages format.

In the meantime, please check us out:
Patrick Wilson Fans website

Movie News:
  • A new trailer was released for "The A-Team" and Patrick is shown a few times.
    Woo Hoo! View it HERE

  • "Morning Glory" has a new US release date at last: Nov 12, 2010.
    Read more HERE about this change.

  • A new film announced for Patrick: "The Astral" (also known as
    "Insidious" and "The Further"
    ). It co-stars Rose Byrne. For a plot description
    go HERE.

  • "The Ledge" was to have wrapped filming last week in Baton Rouge, LA. Can't
    wait to learn more about this project and the role Patrick plays in it.
    You can read
    what we know about it already

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