Thursday, May 20, 2010

"The A-Team", "The Ledge", "Insidious" and "Broadway Show League"

"The A-Team"
The Los Angeles Premiere of "The A-Team" will be held two weeks from today, Thursday, June 3rd. Read more

And, TV Spots have been popping up and the official website keeps growing:

"The Ledge"
Though the film was filmed just this Spring "The Ledge" is being marketed for distribution at the prestigious 2010 Cannes Film Festival that is being held right now! How cool is that!!??!!

The movie stars Terrance Howard, Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson, and Liv Tyler.

"Insidous" (aka "The Astral", aka "The Further")
Filming is complete and they are hoping to have it edited in time for the Toronto Film Festival

and others. Patrick stars in this with Rose Byrne, and Barbara Hershey. The young actor playing his son in "Insidious" is Ty Simpkins--the same boy who played Patrick's son in "Little Children." Small world!

"Broadway Show League"
Each summer the casts (and associated others) of current Broadway shows form softball teams and play in Central Park on Thursdays. This year, Patrick Wilson is playing on the "Rock of Ages" team with his pal Matthew Stocke. "Rock of Ages" was written and produced by Chris D'Arienzo who was the screenwriter and director of "Barry Munday."

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