Saturday, August 20, 2011

"A Gifted Man", "Watchmen", "Young Adult", and "Prometheus"

(Patrick Wilson on the set of "A Gifted Man" -- from

"A Gifted Man"
Here's site with some great photos of Patrick Wilson at work on the set of "A Gifted Man"

The show starring Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Ehle and premieres on CBS on Friday, Sep 23rd at 8pm Eastern. The show is filmed at Silver Cup Studios (East) in Queens--and also at locations around NYC. Fans in that area keep your eyes open for Patrick-sightings! :o)

TNT network premiere of "Watchmen" will be Saturday, Aug 20 at 8pm Eastern. It also will air on Sunday, Aug 21 at 2:45pm Eastern. Wonder how they will edit some of the scenes...and Dr. Manhattan's appearance...!

"Young Adult"
This week we got a first look at Charlize Theron's character Mavis Gary in "Young Adult". She co-stars with Patrick Wilson and Patton Oswalt. The film opens on Friday, Dec 9th with limited release and then wide release on Friday, Dec 16th.

It was finally announced that Patrick Wilson was one of the many cast members of Ridley Scott's Alien series sort-of-prequel, "Prometheus". The film's full plot and starry cast have been kept very guarded but you can read more at the links below. The film opens in 3D June 2012! Patrick Wilson in 3D!!!

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