Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Blog for our Patrick Wilson Fans "Network"

New Blog Address for Patrick Wilson Fans!

To keep up with Patrick's growing career, we have created a new blog that can be found here:

Please check out it's sleeker look, improved layout--and there is much more to come!

The posts on this blog are linked as an archive.

So for all the new and long-time fans of Patrick Wilson who know him from things like:

--Television: CBS's "A Gifted Man"

--Broadway Shows: "The Full Monty", "Oklahoma!", "Barefoot in the Park", & "All My Sons"

--Films: HBO's "Angels in America', "The Alamo", "The Phantom of the Opera", "Hard Candy", "Little Children", "Evening", "Passengers", "Purple Violets", "Life in Flight,
"Lakeview Terrace","Watchmen", "Insidious", "The Switch", Barry Munday, "The A-Team", and the upcoming "Young Adult" & "Prometheus"



Miss More said...

I'm Patrick's fan. :D

kim said...

Thanks Patrick...The first time I've visited your blog I was interested...and read it often..your way of writing is really nice