Sunday, December 21, 2008

Three Companion Books for "Watchmen" movie

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There will be three "companion" books for the "Watchmen" film which stars Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup, Malin Ackerman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Matthew Goode, and Carla Gugino. According to, the books will be available starting February 10, 2009. The film is scheduled to be released March 6, 2009.

"Titan Books has released the covers to their upcoming Watchmen books.
First up is "Watchmen: Official Film Companion" by Peter Aperlo, which Titan describes as:

"Released a month before the movie hits cinema screens, Watchmen: Official Film Companion takes viewers inside this colossal movie with exclusive cast and crew interviews and more than 200 color photographs. "

It is the most eagerly awaited comics-to-film adaptation of them all. The graphic novel that changed an industry is now a film, directed by Zack Snyder (300), and Watchmen: The Official Film Companion is the essential guide to this cinematic event. A complex, multi-layered mystery adventure, Watchmen is set in an alternate 1985 in which costumed super heroes are part of the fabric of everyday American society. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the masked vigilante Rorschach sets out to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present super heroes. Their mission is to watch over humanity... but who is watching the Watchmen?

Featuring exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, and scores of photos, this is the comprehensive guide to the new movie event.

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Bob Andelman said...

You might enjoy this Mr. Media podcast interview with Dave Gibbons, co-creator and artist of Watchmen, as he discusses the Warner Bros./Fox dispute, being on the set during production, and what he thinks of the trailer and the rough cut he saw of Watchmen. He also talks about the possibility of working with Frank Miller and the message he took to Alan Moore from Will Eisner. All that and Patrick Wilson, too! Here's the link!