Monday, January 12, 2009

"Passsengers" & "Lakeview Terrace" DVD news--and more

"Passengers" starring Patrick Wilson and Anne Hathway will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tue March 24th! It will include deleted scenes, commentary from the director and from Patrick as well as a couple of featurettes. Read more HERE

"Lakeview Terrace" has a new DVD/Blu-Ray release date. It will be coming out on Jan 27th.
Read more HERE

"All My Sons" had it's closing performance yesterday (Sun 1/11/09). The cast was wonderful. John Lithgow is amazing. Dianne Wiest took my breath away (we saw her understudy at performances in November). Katie Holmes really has grown as an stage actress and there were wonderful touches to her performance yesterday. And, Patrick as usual gave a star turn in this role. He is so neat to watch on stage--making it seem so effortless. I love it when an actor really embodies his role. Patrick never drops character and is so earnestly supportive of his scene partners. Just a wonderful production. I was touched by John Lithgow's closing remarks on behalf of the cast. He offered geniune thanks to all of the creative team and the staff of the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. It was a very heartfelt and genuinely classy moment.

And, Patrick, as always was gracious, good-humored and patient with a group of us who had a chance to chat with a him for a few minutes. He never fails to look genuinely happy to see our group there and kindly endures being peppered with a variety of questions.

Thanks, Patrick, for being so good to us! Good luck with your publicity work for "Watchmen" and we look forward to news about your next projects.

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