Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Hard Candy", "Watchmen", and other stuff...

Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson: the tables turn in "Hard Candy"

"Juno" had it's cable network premiered last night on HBO. Ellen Page gives such a wonderful performance and I'll bet folks will look her up to see her other films.

That may lead a whole new group of people to "Hard Candy"--and Patrick! And, if you are one of the newcomers, you can read more about "Hard Candy" on our messageboard thread HERE

Patrick Wilson as Night Owl II in the upcoming "Watchmen" movie.

"Watchmen" Official Website Update:
The main/official website for "Watchmen" has a new look on the main page. Below the word "Watchmen" is a horizontal list of the character names. Click on the name to see video clips and some dialog for that character. Cool!

"Watchmen"-related sites:
Fan-run site,, has a posted a handy list of websites related to the film. Worth a look!

Other Stuff:

"Lakeview Terrace" DVD/Blu-Ray release is little over a week away: Tue Jan 27th!

Then, the "Allegro" studio cast recording will be released on Tue Feb 3rd

Then the three behind-the-scenes "companion books for "Watchmen" will come out on Tue Feb 10th

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