Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Morning Glory", Calendar Update, "The A-Team", "Watchmen"

(First official "still" from "Morning Glory")

"Morning Glory"

According to a one-pager (press info) from Paramount Pictures, the release date for "Morning Glory" has been changed from July 30, 2010 to the fourth quarter of the year. That is traditionally the "award contenders" time and could mean the studio thinks it may catch voters' eyes. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Calendar Update
The calendar on our messageboard has been updated with dates for 2010. We have noted, holidays, special events and the release dates for "The A-Team" (Jun 11, 2010) and "The Baster" (Aug 20, 2010). We'll add the new date for "Morning Glory" as soon as it is available. Also, we are still waiting for news about whether "Barry Munday" will have a theatrical release this year--or at least a DVD release. You can check the calendar

"The A-Team"
Filming officially wrapped on Dec 20, 2009. Now we are on the look-out for a teaser and then a full trailer. Speculation varies on which film it will be attached to. (Deadline constraints caused it to missed being attached to "Avatar"). We sure hope we get to see few shots of Patrick in it!

And, still very intrigued by this description of his character: "Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) is Lynch, a mysterious CIA operative who is a key player in the Team’s most explosive mission."

Also, on the Twentieth Century Fox Website, under "Coming Soon" you can see the placeholder for the poster for "The A-Team."


"Watchmen" premieres on HBO on Saturday, Jan 9th! Woo Hoo!

And, Happy New Year 2010 to all of Patrick Wilson's fans. We are so thrilled to join with others in supporting this amazing actor (--and wonderful person, too!)

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