Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Watchmen" on HBO, Trailer for "The A-Team", etc.

"Watchmen" debuts on HBO tonight (Saturday, Jan 9, 2010) at 9pm. Another chance for people to discover Patrick's talent and this amazing production.

HBO also has a "Making Of" special for "Watchmen", too. You can find the airing dates of both the movie and the special at's schedule page.

"The A-Team"
The teaser trailer for "The A-Team" debuted yesterday (Friday, Jan 8, 2010) on Entertainment Tonight and now can be seen on various internet sites. Here is the YOUTUBE link to the trailer.

Now we just need to watch for production stills and scene clips--hopefully some featuring Patrick Wilson! If you see any, please share with us on our messageboard, the Facebook Fan page, Twitter or the Yahoo Group (see links on upper righthand side of this blog.)

2010 Projects
With four films in the can ("Barry Munday", "The A-Team", "The Baster", and "Morning Glory"), we are wondering what Patrick plans to do next.

Another film? A television project? Another limited run Broadway Production? (Please, oh please, make it a musical this time!!!) Whatever it is, we can't wait to hear about it.

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