Thursday, September 25, 2008

Patrick Wilson talks about taking on the role of "Night Owl II" in Watchmen

Here's a short blurb with Patrick talking about the role of "Night Owl II" and his audition.

"That being said, it’s clear that Wilson took the part of the world-weary superhero very seriously — a smart move, considering what could potentially be a star turn for the up-and-coming actor. And when he said he “did his homework,” he meant it, especially in terms of the look of his comic book counterpart — that of a depressed, ex-hero who has since let himself go.

“His physicality I was always completely conscious of,” said Wilson. “The drawing of him looking so sad and very dumpy with slumping shoulders…that’s very informative to me. When the guy takes his shirt off that’s not a fat dude. That’s a big dude who maybe got soft but he’s not just a big tub. It’s funny some people have a different interpretation of that. And I keyed into Alan Moore likening him to a soldier coming back from a war and feeling lost, not knowing his place in society. I was like, that I can dig into.”

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