Saturday, September 27, 2008

Patrick Wilson featured in Sep 15 "American Way" magazine

The Sep 15, 2008 issue of American Airlines in-flight magazine "American Way" includes an article on "Patrick Wilson"!!! (It's the issue with Hugh Laurie a.ka. "House" on the cover.)

Patrick is in the [dl] section (pg 88):

Here's an excerpt:

"Though it's not all CGI explosions and billion-dollar price tags for the Virginia native these days, he's not exactly keeping a low profile. As Lakeview hits theaters, he'll be busy onstage in New York, doing Arthur Miller's All My Sons. The play is sure to attract a great deal of attention; it costars Katie Holmes.

His mixed workload keeps him bicoastal -- and sometimes away from his Brooklyn-based wife, stage actress Dagmara Dominczyk, and their two-year-old son, Kal -- but he's grateful for the chance to do both film and theater, especially given the intensity of a Broadway schedule.

"The time commitment to theater is more involved and takes a lot more planning," he says. "For theater, you have to say, `Okay, don't send me any scripts or auditions or meetings for the next six months because I'm going to do a play until the end of the year.'

"Theater is the greatest experience for an actor, I think. But I love movies, too," he adds. "Getting to do both is a pretty nice position to be in."

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