Thursday, September 18, 2008

Report from "All My Sons" Preview tonight

One of our wonderful moderators on the main site (Patrick Wilson Fans--The NEW UnOfficial Fan Site), Karen111 is on the phone with me right now from the "All My Sons" preview. She just saw the show and is outside the theater.

Celeb sitings: Karen111 saw Dustin Hoffman and had Tom Cruise brush by her! And, she also saw Patrick's wife, actress Dagmara Dominczyk sitting near her.

Out side the theater: MASSIVE crowd of press, paparazzi, protestors and police before and after the show.

The show itself: "WOW" is not a good enough word, she said, to describe the show.

"It's powerful and shocking. All performances were so "on" that you totally became part of the story. And, it is brilliantly staged." She said there was an immediate standing ovation at the end. "IMMEDIATE."

She didn't want to give away storyline or plot points but HIGHLY recomends this show as a DEFINITE MUST-SEE.

Karen111 promises she'll tell us more later on the messageboard over at Patrick Wilson Fans (the NEW UnOfficial Fan Site.)

Congratulations Patrick on what sounds like a fabulous night--and thanks, Karen11,1 for a fantastic frontline report!

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