Friday, February 6, 2009

Are you ready for some "Watchmen" ?(Getting Up To Speed) (Revised)

With "Watchmen" opening in a month, you may want to brush up on the storyline to make the most of your viewing experience. Since these costumed heroes are not particularly as well known as Batman, Superman, Captain America, etc, the storyline may be a bit of a mystery for many. Of course, some prefer to wait to see it all unfold on the big screen, but for those who want to have a bit of a background here are some suggestions. 1. Read the Graphic Novel. It is available on and at stores like Barnes and Nobles, Borders, as well as comic book stores.

2. Visit the official "Watchmen" website and explore the different features. There is a plot synopsis, character vignettes, the collection monthly video production blogs, etc.

Here is the link:
(there is a countdown as it loads)

3. Visit the fan site: It is packed with up-to-the-minute information, background information, photos, etc. A real treasure trove of information.

Here is the link:

4 . For "one-stop-shopping" the Watchmen (film) page at Wikipedia has a lot of great information, including Plot Summary and Character backgrounds.

Here is the link:
We hope this helps those who want to do a little "prep" work for "Watchmen." We'd love to hear YOUR suggestions here, too.


We hope this information has been helpful. It's so exciting to know that the movie finally opens WORLDWIDE in less than a month!!!

Just a caution to those who may be concerned:
"Watchmen" is rated "R".

If it follows the graphic novel as faithfully as they say it does, it will contain some very mature material which may not be appropriate for young people. In various interviews the director and some of the cast members have even mentioned that there are some violent and sexually explicit elements in the film. Just FYI...

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