Monday, February 23, 2009

"Watchmen" World Premiere, plus reviews & interviews

"Watchmen" World Premiere in London (Feb 23, 2009)
Check out this thread over at the Patrick Wilson Fan Site's Messageboard for photos from the World Premiere of "Watchmen" in London tonight (Feb 23, 2009).
See the last five messages.

Reviews (Warning: They contain spoilers)

Here's a nice write up from the Sci Fi channel website.


"The most succesful 'real' human is the pin point casting of Patrick Wilson as the ageing, pot bellied Dan Dreiberg, the retired Night Owl who has to get his mojo back. It is his most human journey, in conjuction with Malin Akerman's Silk Spectre that gives the film it's human glue of both frailty and triumph. Whilst Akerman's sexiness is often mesmerising, it is Wilson's inhabitance of a man both defeated and suburban and physical and revitalised that gives Watchmen its beating heart."

And the "First" UK Review

Audio Interviews with the cast and director:

Warner Bros. has released audio recordings of several press junkets for the upcoming 'Watchmen' movie which hits theaters and IMAX on March 6. Check them out below.

Patrick and Malin are in the sixth one down.

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