Thursday, February 12, 2009

Watchmen! Watchmen! Watchmen!

The publicity is heating up and the internet is filled with reports, interviews, photos, videos and speculation about the upcoming "Watchmen" film. It opens worldwide on March 6, 2009.

Here's just a tip of the iceberg out there on the worldwide web:

"Nite Owl" Dark-roasted organic coffee:
A limited run of the brand create by the Art of the Film photographer Clay Enos who owns a small organic coffee company.Order by Feb 20th and be automatically entered into a contest to win two tickets to the "Watchmen " Red Carpet and After Party in LA.

More and more images from the film and set:
An IMDB poster has shared photobucket links to new "Watchmen" photos. Several are of Patrick dressed as Dan Dreiberg. He looks sooo different in some of them.It's the first message in the thread:

TV Spots (check all four messages in the thread):

Sites to get Watchmen Newbies up-to-speed:
(They contain plot spoilers)

Report from Los Angeles Private Screening of "Watchmen":
(Contains spoilers)

Win two tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood (March 2, 2009)

Ask the Cast of "Watchmen" a question:

Magazine Spreads:

Entertainment Weekly:,,20258076,00.html

If you come across something, please share it with us over on our messageboard. There's a Watchmen topic all set up in our Movies! Movies! Movies! section. (A brief registration is required in order to post, but Guests can read all of the messages):

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Monkey said...

i thought using coffee for advertising was silly at first, but then again, in light of all the coffee addicts out there, it's actually a stroke of genius