Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Watchmen" promotion continues!!!

USA Weekend featuring "Watchmen"

From the Official Website for Watchmen:

The magazine's upcoming Feb. 27-March 1 issue features an exclusive "Watchmen" poster of the new movie's stars, drawn by the famed book's illustrator Dave Gibbons just for USA WEEKEND! The magazine's Watchmen coverage also includes interviews with the cast of the hotly awaited film.

Here's a link to their article about this issue:

To find a newspaper near you that carries USA WEEKEND, go to this link:

HBO's First Look: Watchmen premieres tonight
Read more HERE about this and other upcoming "Watchmen" coverage on television

Wondercon 2009 (San Francisco)

Watchmen director and cast appeared for a panel discussion and previewed some film footage for the lucky attendees. Here's the report from IGN:


"February 28, 2009 - Anticipation for Watchmen was clearly at a fever pitch today at Wondercon, as an absolutely packed room gathered in the morning to see director Zack Snyder and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan ("The Comedian"), Billy Crudup ("Dr. Manhattan"), Malin Akerman ("Silk Spectre"), Jackie Earle Haley ("Rorschach") and Patrick Wilson ("Nite Owl").


"As for Nite Owl, Wilson remarked, "I certainly think he has the most heart I guess," adding with a laugh, "If I can put everyone else down. He has heart! I love Dan. You're Pulling for Dan the entire time - To get the damn suit back on or to get it up. It really doesn't get more basic than that. What's so cool about him is his identity through his suit and what that means to him."

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